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If You Want To Download CNT Act 1908 PDF In Hindi, Then You Have Come To The Right Place. Because In This Article We Are Going To Provide You with CNT Act 1908 PDF In Hindi. So Read This Article Till The End To Download The CNT Act PDF.

Through This Article, You Will Also Know General Information About The CNT Act. Like What Is Someone’s Act Why You Should Read CNT Act.

Download CNT Act 1908 In Hindi PDF

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What Is CNT Act 1908

CNT Act 1908 Deals With The Purchase And Sale Of Land. This Law Is Mainly Applicable In Jharkhand. The Full Form Of CNT Is Chotanagpur Territory Act. The CNT Act 1908 Was Implemented On 11th November 1908.

The Full Form Of CNT Is Chota Nagpur Tenancy.

From 1765 Onwards, The Land Of The Zamindar Tribals Started Being Snatched From Them. There Was No Single Owner Of Land In Jharkhand. In The Olden Times, The Land Owners Of Jharkhand Were Collective Groups, That Is, In Jharkhand, There Were Many Owners Of The Same Land, So They Used To Do Farming Together. But After The Arrival Of The British, The Land Of The Tribals Started Being Snatched From Them.

  • The Land Of The Tribals Of Jharkhand Was Occupied By The British Rule; The Land Of All The Tribals Of Jharkhand Was Seized By The Landlords.
  • But Let Us Tell You That The Ancestors Of The Tribals In Jharkhand Had Made Cultivable Land By Cutting The Forests.
  • But During The British Rule, Their Land Was Taken Away From Them, And Their Land Was Lent To Them For Cultivation.
  • Due To This, The Tribals Did Many Rebellions, Agitations Because The Landlords And The British Government Started Doing Their Own Thing On The Land Of The Ancestors Of The Tribals. They Were Allowed To Work In The Fields Whenever They Wanted, And Whenever They Wanted Their Land Was Snatched From Them.
  • Another Reason For Implementing The CNT Act 1908 (Chota Nagpur Tenancy Act 1908) Is Birsa Munda Who Was A Tribal Farmer During The British Rule. The Land Of Birsa Munda Was Snatched From Him By The Zamindars. He Was Evicted From His Land By The British Government.

Due To This, Birsa Munda Did Many Agitations To Get His Land. He Did A Huge Movement And This Movement Is Popular With The Birsa Movement. This Movement Had Increased So Much That The British Government Had To Bow Down To The Tribals. Due To This, The British Government Implemented The CNT Act (Chota Nagpur Tenancy) On 11 November 1908.

Why Should Read CNT Act 1908

If You Are Preparing For Jharkhand Pcs Exam, Then Many Questions Related To CNT Act Are Asked In Jpcs Exam. Also, Questions Related To Chotanagpur Tenancy Act 1908 Are Asked In All Small And Big Government Examinations Of Jharkhand. That’s Why You Need to Read The CNT Act.

How To Download CNT Act 1908 PDF

If You Want To Download CNT Act 1908 In Hindi PDF, Then You Can Download CNT Act 1908 Very Easily From Our Website. To Download CNT Act 1908 PDF, You Can Download CNT Act 1908 PDF In Hindi Very Easily By Pressing The Blue Click On Each Button Above.


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