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If you want to download the Manav sampada form, you have come to the right place because, in this article, we will provide you Manav sampada form pdf.

In this article, you will learn what Manav Sampada Portal is? Manav Sampada Portal Benefits and How to register on Manav Sampada Portal? If you know all this information in this article, then read this article till the end.

What is Manav Sampada

A government portal has been launched by the Government of Uttar Pradesh named Manav Sampada. And its official website is Manav Sampada was started recently by the Uttar Pradesh and state government. Manav Sampada Portal is known as ehrms. The complete form of EHRMS is an “electronic, human resources management system.” It is known as Electronic Human Resource Management System in Hindi. The primary purpose of creating this portal is that the Government of India has made the EHRMS portal to collect the information of all the government employees in India online.

The NRC National Information Center has created Manav Sampada Portal, State Central Government, to keep the accounts of government officials online.

The government has made the EHRMS portal for government employees. If you are a government employee, you must register on the HRMS portal. Because if you want to get any information related to your job and if you wish to promote, want to take leave of few days or few weeks, or else you wish to transfer. Partner government recruitment scheme If you’re going to get information about this, you must register on Manav Sampada Portal.

manav sampada form PDF download

Manav Sampada Form PDF
PDF NameManav Sampada Form In Hindi Pdf
PDF Size800KB
PDF CategoryForm
Download NowClick Here

Benefits of Manav Sampada

Manav Sampada Portal benefits both the government and government employees! Following are the advantages of the Manav Sampada Portal.

  1. As we have told you that both the government and the employees have benefited from Manav Sampada Portal, then let us tell you that the most significant benefit of Manav Sampada Portal is to the government.
  2. For example, earlier, the government used to collect the information of its employees in the offline office in paper form. But after the launch of the Manav Sampada Portal, all this information about government employees is kept on the online Manav Sampada Portal.
  3. With this, the government can reduce the use of paper and, at the same time, keep the information of the employees safe in the shortest possible time and use the least resources.
  4. One can apply for leave with the help of Manav Sampada Portal.
  5. You can apply for a promotion.
  6. With the help of Manav Sampada Portal, you can apply for a transfer from one city to another.
  7. Along with this, you can get all the benefits of retirement with the help of Manav Sampada Portal.
  8. Important information and act information regarding employee promotion and employee transfer is made available on Manav Sampada Portal.

Documents Required To Register On Manav Sampada

The following documents are mandatory for registering on Manav Sampada Portal.

  • Certificate of High School (10th) Certificate of
  • Inter (12th)
  • Graduation Certificate
  • B.ed Certificate
  • BTC Certificate

How To Apply For Manav Sampada

  1. You must be a government employee to register Manav Sampada. If you want to apply for Manav Sampada, then you can use on Manav Sampada Portal by visiting the official website of Manav Sampada at
  2. All government and non-government employees have to click on the link given above to register on Manav Sampada Portal.
  3. To register on Manav Sampada, you must click on New Login or New User.
  4. After this, you must select the department related to your job, i.e., whichever department you belong.
  5. After doing this, you have to fill in your personal and job-related information.

By doing this, you can register on Manav Sampada Portal.

How to Fill Manav Sampada Form

Personal Information of Employee:- Name, Father’s Name, Date of Birth, Date of Retirement, Identification Mark, Photo, Caste, Blood Group, Category, Current Posting Information to be filled.

Employee Address:- Address details, contact details, complete details of both current and permanent.

Employee Job Information:- Initial Joining Info, Cadre, Appointment Details

Employee Education Info:- Education & Training Details.

Employee Family Information:- Name of all the family members, Aadhar card, and other information.

Employee service history information: – Complete information about employee service, such as in which cities you have served, in which department you assist during the day, and how long your service is; you have to fill all this information in this department.

Employee Departmental Action Information:- Department Inquiry/Proceeding Details

Employee Leave Information:- Records Employee Legacy Leave Details

Employee Award Information:- If any employee has been awarded awards in the past, you have to fill in his information.


Who can use Manav Sampada Portal?

India’s government employees can use Manav Sampada Portal for promotion, transfer, and taking leave.

How to download Manav Sampada Form?

By clicking on the blue link given in this article, you can download the Manav sampada form in Hindi in pdf.

How to apply for Human Resources?

to apply for Manav Sampada website .


So now we hope that you must have got complete information about the Manav sampada form. If you are a government employee and want to make a transfer, promotion, or leave, you need to register on Manav Sampada Portal. 

So if you want to register on Manav Sampada Portal, you must download the Manav sampada form pdf provided in this article. Because by downloading this form, you can fill out the Manav Sampada form.

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