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Friends, through this article we are going to tell you how you can download zydus veterinary products list very easily, if you want to get zydus veterinary products catalog then read this article till the end.

Zydus Lifesciences Limited is an Indian company. This company was formed in 1952 by Raman Bhai Patel. It is a multinational pharmaceutical company, Zydus company manufactures many types of medicines. In this company, medicines and vaccines and many other types of medicines are made for animals as well.

In this article, we are going to tell you about zydus veterinary products list pdf, so for those who want to know the product of zydus, this article can prove to be very beneficial for them because in this article we have listed all the important products of zydus. The list has been made available which you can also download in PDF form.

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Zydus Veterinary Products List Pdf


Sr. No.Product NameCompositionMajor IndicationsAdministrationPresentation
BiotrimBiotrim Injection (IM)Calf Scour, Colisepticemia,IV : 1 ml /20 kg b.w30 ml vial
Each ml contains :enteritis & other bacterialonce daily for 3-5 daysBlister of 4’s
Sulphadiazine IP : 400infectionsIM : 1 ml/30 kg b.w
mg Trimethoprim IP :once daily for 3-5 days
80 mgDS bolus : 1 bolus/100
Biotrim Injection (IV)kg b.w
Each ml contains :
Sulphadiazine IP : 200
mg Trimethoprim IP :
40 mg
Chlorocresol IP :
Biotrim DS Bolus – Each
contains :
Sulphadiazine IP :
2000mg Trimethoprim
IP : 400 mg
Excipients : q.s.
2CefstanEach Vial containsMastitis, Bronchitis,Large animals: 10mg /3 g vial with
Ceftriaxone sodium IPPneumonia,kg b.w by IM/IV or SCWFI
eq. to anhydrousGastroenteritis, Peritonitisroute
ceftriaxone 3gm
3Dicrysticin-S LDEach Vial contains :Mixed bacterial infectionsAdd 7.5 ml of sterile2.5 g vial
InjectionStreptomycin Sulphatecaused by penicillin anddistilled water to make
I.P.streptomycin sensitive10 ml suspension. To
Equivalent toorganismsbe administered by IM
Streptomycin baseroute.
2.5gmLarge animals: 2 ml/ 50
Procaine Penicillin G I.P.kg b.w
15,00000 unitsSmall animals: 1 ml/ 50
Penicillin G Sodium I.Pkg b.w
500,000 units
4Dicrysticin-DSEach Vial containsMixed bacterial infectionsAdd 15 ml of sterile5 g vial
InjectionStreptomycin Sulphatecaused by penicillin anddistilled water to make
I.Pstreptomycin sensitive20 ml suspension. To
Equivalent toorganismsbe administered by IM
Streptomycin base 5route.
gmLarge animals: 2 ml/ 50
Procaine Penicillin G I.Pkg b.w
3,000,000 unitsSmall animals: 1 ml/ 50
Penicillin G Sodium I.Pkg b.w
1,000,000 units
5Enrodac-10Each ml contains:Mycoplasmosis, RTI, UTI,IM or slow IV injection.100 ml vial
InjectionEnro oxacin IP 100 mgacute1ml / 20kg b.wt. For 3-5
Benzyl Alcohol IP 1.5 %& chronic masititis, calfdays in all animals
v/v (as preservative)scour,
Water for Injection IPsalmonellosis

 Therapeutic Products

6FPP-20Each vial contains –
InjectionProcaine Penicillin G IP
: 15,00,000 units
Penicillin G Sodium IP :
5,00,000 units
7FPP-40Each vial contains –
InjectionProcaine Penicillin G IP
: 30,00,000 units
Penicillin G Sodium IP :
10,00,000 units
8Marbodac InjectionEach ml containsMastitis caused by E.coli,Cattle & Bu alo: 830 ml vial
Marbo oxacin IPStaphylococcus spp. &mg/kg b.w ie; 4 ml/50
100mgStreptococcus spp.kg b.w administered as
M-cresol IP 2mg (asRespiratory tract infectionssingle dose deep IM
preservative)caused by Pasteurellainjection.If total dose
Water for injection IPmultocida,Mannheimiais more than 20 ml, it
qshaemolytica,Histophilusshould be divided &
somni & Mycoplasma bovisadministered at two
separate sites.
9Marbodac-16Each ml containsMastitis caused by E.coli,Cattle & Bu alo: 830 ml vial
InjectionMarbo oxacin IPStaphylococcus spp. &mg/kg b.w ie; 4 ml/50
160mgStreptococcus spp.kg b.w administered as
Benzyl alcohol IPRespiratory tract infectionssingle dose deep IM
1.5%w/v (ascaused by Pasteurellainjection.If total dose
preservative)multocida,Mannheimiais more than 20 ml, it
Water for injection IPhaemolytica,Histophilusshould be divided &
qssomni & Mycoplasma bovisadministered at two
separate sites.
10Oriprim BolusEach uncoated bolusActinobacillosis,Large animals 4Blister of 4’s
contains:actinomycosis,boluses daily;
Trimethoprimcolibacillosis, mastitis,small animals ½ to 1
IP…………… 0.4 gmsalmonellosis, urogenitalbolus daily
IP……….2.0 g
11Oriprim InjectionEach 5 ml contains :Actinobacillosis,IV injection. Large30 ml vial
Trimethoprim IP : 80actinomycosis,animals 15 -30 ml;
mgcolibacillosis, mastitis,Small animals 2-5 ml
Sulphamethoxazole IP :salmonellosis, urogenitaldaily
400 mginfections
Water for injection IP :
12Oriprim U BolusEach  lm coated bolusPost-partum diseases likeIntra-uterine 2-4Blister of 4’s
contains :retained Placenta,metritis,boluses
Trimethoprim I.P. 0.1 gpyometra, cervicitis &
Sulphamethoxazole I.P.vaginitis
0.5 g Urea I.P. 6 g
Excipients q.s.
13OxynexEach ml contains:HS, Anthrax, BQ,IV, IM, SC injection. 1100 ml vial
OxytetracyclineActinobacillosis,ml / 10 kg b.w
Hydrochloride IP 50mgactinomycosis,
Propylene glycol IP q.s.colibacillosis, mastitis,
salmonellosis, urogenital
14PAM InjectionEach ml contains :
Penicillin G Procaine IP
: 3,00,000 units
15PathocefEach Vial containsBovine Mastitis, Metritis &Cattle & Bu aloes : 104.5 g vial
Sterile sulbactumSoft Tissue infectionsmg/kg b.w by IM or IVwith water
Sodium USProute for 3-5 days atfor injection
equivalent to24 hrs interval
Sterile cefoperazone
sodium IP
equivalent to
16R C Forte DEach vial containsMastitis, Septicaemia,Cattle & Bu aloes : 6-4 g vial with
Sterile Ampicillinchronic wounds & post10mg/kg b.w by I/M, IVWFI
Sodium IPsurgical therapyroute for 3-5 days
eq. to Ampicillin …2gm
Sterile Dicloxacilin
Sodium IP
eq. to


17Steclin InjectionEach ml contains:HS, Anthrax, BQ,IV, IM, SC injection. 130 ml, 50 ml
OxytetracyclineActinobacillosis,ml / 10 kg b.wt.& 100 ml vial
Hydrochloride IPactinomycosis,
eq. to anhydrouscolibacillosis, mastitis,
Oxytetracycline 50 mgsalmonellosis, urogenital
Propylene Glycol IP q.s.infections, Theileriosis,
secondary bacterial
complications of viral
18Steclin-LAEach ml contains:Pasteurellosis, Mastitis,IM injection deeper30 ml & 100
InjectionOxytetracyclineMetritis, Pneumonia, Footinto the muscles 1 ml /ml Vial
Dihydrate IProt, Anaplasmosis,10 kg b.w
equivalent toTheileriosis, secondary
anhydrousbacterial complications of
oxytetracycline 200 mgviral diseases
in 2 – pyrrolidone
vehicle system
Water for Injection IP
…. qs
19Steclin BolusEach uncoated BolusCalf scours, bacterialOral: 2-4 bolus. Intra-Strip of 4’s
contains:enteritis, navel ill, foot-rot,uterine 1-2 bolus
Hydrochloride IP 500
Exciplents q.s.
Colour: Tartrazine
Yellow Supra
20Sulpha BolusEach uncoated tabletCalf scours, bacterial1-2 bolus per 50 kgBlister of 4’s
contains:enteritis, acute bacterialb.wt. followed by half
Sulphadimidineinfectionsthe dose daily for 3-5
IP…………… 5.0 gmdays.
21Vetclox ForteEach vial containsPneumonia, septicemia,Add 10ml of sterile2 g vial
InjectionAmpicillin Sodium IPenteritis, colitis, urogenitaldistilled water to make
equivalent toinfections, infectiousthe solution
anhydrous Ampicillin : 1dermatitisadminister IM or slow
gmIV @ 5-10 mg kg b.wt.
Cloxacillin Sodium IPRepeat every 24 hours
equivalent tofor 3-5 days.
anhydrous Cloxacillin :
1 gm
1Cadistin InjectionEach ml contains –Allergic reactions withIM injection Large30 ml & 100
Chlorpheniramineacute respiratory signs,animals 3-5 ml, Smallml vial
maleate IP : 10 mgrhinitis,eczema,insect biteanimals 0.5-1 ml
Phenylmercuric nitrate& asthama
IP : 0.002% w/v
(as preservative)
Water for Injection IP
1Duromect InjectionEach ml containsCattle, Sheep & Goat:Cattle, Sheep & Goat:10 ml & 50
Doramectin 10 mgTreatment and control of200 µg/ kg b.w by IMml vial
Benzyl alcohol IP 9 mggastrointestinalor SC route
(as preservative)roundworms, para laria,Swine:
Oily base qseye worm, lung worm,300 µg/ kg b.w by IM
screw worm, sucking lice,route
mange mites & single host
Swine: Controls
roundworms & lung worm.
Also kills sarcoptic mange
mites & lice
1Babimido InjectionEach ml containsTreatment & Control ofCattle, Sheep & Goat10 ml vial
ImidocarbBabesiosis & AnaplasmosisBabesiosis:
dipropionate 120 mgTreatment: 1 ml/ 100 kg
Aqueous base qsb.w by IM/ SC route
Prevention: 2.5 ml/ 100
kg b.w by IM/SC route
(1 to 2 month e ect)
2.5 ml/ 100 kg b.w by
IM/SC route
2 ml/ 100 kg b.w by IM
route (may be
repeated after 24 hrs
in acute cases of
equine babesiosis)
0.5 ml/ 10 kg b.w by SC
route (two doses two
weeks apart in canine
2Butazyd InjectionEach ml containsSpeci c treatment forIM injection 1 ml per 2020 ml vial
Buparvaquone IP 50Theileriosiskg b.w.
Sorbitan mono oleate
IP 100mg

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1Dexona InjectionEach ml contains :Ketosis, in ammation ofIM or slow IV injection.5 ml vial
Dexamethasonerespiratory tract orCattle, bu alo & horse
sodium phosphate IPurogenital tract,4 -20 mg daily; calves,
4.4 mg equivalent toanaphylactic shocks,pig,
Dexamethasone 3.344surgical shocks, acutesheep & goat 2-4 mg
mgmastitisdaily; dog & cat 0.5 -2
Methyl paraben IP :mg daily.
0.15% w/v
Propyl paraben IP :
0.02% w/v
(as preservatives)
Water for injection IP :
2Iso ud InjectionEach ml contains :Bovine Ketosis,Deep IM injection.5 ml, 10 ml &
Iso upredone acetatein ammatory conditionsCattle & Bu aloes 5-1030 ml vial
IP : 2 mgsuch as laminitis, traumaticml, horses 2.5 – 10 ml,
Benzyl alcohol IP : 9 mgarthritis, osteoarthritis,small
(as preservative)myositis, mastitis, metritis,animals 1 ml per 10 kg.
Water for injection IPpneumonia etc.For local
qse ect directly into
joint cavity.
3Vetalog InjectionEach ml contains :Bovine ketosis, arthrits,Bovine Ketosis 2-5 mg5 ml vial
Triamcinolonetenosynovitis, allergy,to 10
acetonide IP : 6 mgpruritus, haematoma,mg IM; Arthritis,
Benzyl alcohol IP : 0.9%in ammatoryTenosynovitis 6-18 mg
v/vconditions.intra-articular. Other
(as preservative)conditions
Water for injection IP :– Large animals 12 -20
QSmg IM or SC, Small
animals 0.1 – 0.2 mg/kg
IM or SC injection.
1Clostenol InjectionEach ml contains :Induction andIM injection. Cattle &2 ml vial
Cloprostenol sodium IPsynchronization of heat,bu aloes 2 ml. Mares
: 263 mcg equivalent toPersistent Corpus Luteum,0.5 – 2 ml; sheep, goat
250 mcg oftermination of pathological& pig 0.5 – 1ml. In bitch
Cloprostenolpregnancy, pyometra,to terminate
Water for Injection IP :mummi ed foetus,mismatching
qsinduction of parturitionpregnancy 1 mcg/ kg
b.wt and To treat
metritis & Pyometra 1
mcg/ kg b.wt.


2P-Depot InjectionEach ml contains :
Threatened & habitualIM injection deeper2 ml, 3 ml
abortion, repeat breeding,into theampoule
prolapse of uterusmuscles 1 ml – 2ml.
3ZydarelinEach ml containsCattle & Bu alo : InfertilityCattle : 10 to 20 mcg2.5 ml, 5ml
Buserelin acetateof Ovarian Origin &Mare : 20 to 40 mcg& 10 ml vial
4.2mcgimprovement ofFertility disorders of
eq to Buserelin IPConception rate, EarlyOvarian Origin
4mcginduction of oestrous cycleCattle & Bu alo:
Benzyl alcohol IP 1after calving, follicularTrue Anoestrus 5 ml
%w/vcysts, improvement ofSynchronisation of
water for injection IPconception rate in arti cialOestrous 2.5 ml
qsimsemnation procedures,Follicular Cyst 5 ml
synchronisation ofDelayed ovulation 2.5
oestrous with PGF2 alphaml
analogueImprovement of
conception in A.I 2.5 ml
1BovilyteEach 100 ml containsCalf Scour,Slow IV infusion500 ml
(anhydrous)-20 gmdehydration
Sodium chloride IP
-0.600 gm
Potassium chloride IP-
0.600 gm
Potassium chloride IP-
0.040 gm
Calcium chloride
dehydrate IP-0.040 gm
Sodium lactate: 0.312
2Milk Fever FormulaEach 450 ml providesMilk Fever, Hypocalcemia,Slow IV infusion450 ml
Calcium 8.37 g,Hypomagnesia,
magnesium 2.09 g,Hypophosphataemia
phosphorous 5.32 g
Dextrose anhydrous 90
proportion of Boric
acid to Calcium in the
injection is 2.26 to 1
3VetPlasmaEach 100 ml containsAcute Hypovolemia,Slow IV infusion500 ml,250
Hydroxyethyl Starch :associated with Conditionsml
6.0 gm (130/0.4)like Haemoprotozoan
Sodium Chloride : 0.9diseases, Diarrhoea

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1PendizydEach syringe 6mlTreatment of acute &
containschronic mastitis in lactating
Procaine Penicillin G I.Pcows & bu aloes
1,00,000 unitsDry Cow Therapy
3UddercefEach pre lled syringeAcute or chronic mastitisOne tube after each3.5 g syringe
containsmilking for
Cefuroxime sodium3 consecutive milking

Mineral Injections

1Alphos-40Each ml contains:Post- parturientAcute cases: Large30 ml vial
Sodium Acidparesis,hypophosphatemia,animals
Phosphate IP 400 mgtetany,5,10 or 25ml.
(Equivalent to 79.4 mgparaplegia, delayedSmall animals 1 to 3 ml
of elementalpuberty,delayed oestrus,(Half the dose to be
Phosphorus)silent heat, repeatgiven IV, theother half
Methyl Paraben IP (asbreedingSC or IM, divided over
preservative) 0.1 %w/vseveral sites. Injection
Water for Injection IPshould be repeated at
qsfrequent interval till
improvement is visible.
Chronic cases: 5-15 ml,
small animals 1-2 ml
2InjectiphosEach ml contains:Low productivity, post-
Butaphosphan 100 mgpartum metabolic
Cyanocobalamin IPdisorders like ketosis,
(Vitamin B12) 0.05mginfertility, stress conditions
N-Butyl Alcohol (as
preservative) 3%v/v
Water for Injection IP

Non-Steroidal Anti-In Ammatory Drugs

1Artizone -SEach ml containsIn amation of Joints,20-30 ml  rst two days30 ml & 100
Phenyl Butazone IPmuscles, & Skeletal tissues,followed by half of theml vial
200mgPyrexiadose on subsquent
SodiumSalicylate IP 20days by I/M route
2Flunimeg InjectionEach ml containsColic, in ammation, pain &IM or IV injection.10 ml, 30 ml
Flunixin meglumine IPfever, arthritis, myositis,Cattle, bu aloes,vial
83mgmastitis, pneumoniasheep & goat 1-2
eq to Flunixin 50.0 mgml/45 kg b.wt.,
Phenol IP 5.0mg (asHorse 1ml / 45 kg, pigs
preservative)2 ml/ 45
Excipients qskg, dogs 0.5 – 1ml,
3Karpofen InjectionEach ml containsMusculoskeletal disordersCattle : 1.4 mg/kg (1 ml10 ml & 30
Carpofen IP 50mglike arthritis, osteitis,/35 kg b.w) by IM,IV orml Vial
Benzyl alcohol IPtendonitis,myositis, AcuteSC route as a single
1.04%w/vmastitis, Pneumonia, &dose
(as preservative)Bronchitis, Post operative
Water for injection IPpain management
4NeoprofenEach ml contains:Acute and chronicCattle & Bu alo :15 ml & 100
InjectionKetoprofen IP 100 mgin ammatory conditions3mg/kg b.w by IM,IVml Vial
Benzyl Alcohol IPlike mastitis,arthritis,or SC route
1%w/vmyositis,surgical pain &
Water for Injection IPcolic
5Oxalgin-NP BolusEach uncoated bolusOsteoarthritis, myositis,Large animals: 1 -2Blister of 4
contains:bursitis, tenosynovitis,bolus Smallboluses
Nimesulide BP……………bursitis, pyrexia ofanimals: ½ to 1 bolus
400 mgunknown origin
Paracetamol IP……………
1500 mg
6Oxal Forte BolusEach bolus containsWounds, abcesses, injury,Large Animals: 1-2 boliBlister of 2’s
Nimesulide BP 400 mgmastitis, metritis & postSmall Animals: 1/2 – 1
Paracetamol IP 1500surgical therapybolus
Serratiopeptidase IP 75
Excipients qs
7Zobid-M InjectionEach ml contains –Osteoarthritis, myositis,Large animals 1ml /15 ml, 30 ml
Meloxicam IP : 5 mgbursitis,10kg b.wt. Small& 100 ml vial
Benzyl alcohol IP : 2%tenosynovitis, bursitis,animals 1ml / 10 kg.
v/vpyrexia of unknown origin
(as preservative)
water for injection IP :
8Zobid BolusEach uncoated BolusArthritis, Synovitis,Large animals 1 -2Blister of 4
contains:Myositis, Laminitis, bursitis,bolus; smallboluses
Meloxicam IP……………tendonitis, otitis, post-animals ½ to 1 bolus
100 mgoperative pain
9Zobid-MP InjectionEach ml contains –Osteoarthritis, myositis,IM injection. Large30 ml, 100
Meloxicam IP – 5 mgbursitis, tenosynovitis,animalsml vial
Paracetamol IP 150 mgbursitis, pyrexia of15 -20 ml; small
Lignocaine HCl IP 1%unknown originanimals 0.5 – 1 ml/ 10
w/vkg b.wt.
Water for injection IP
Ruminotoric Bolus
1Bovirum BolusEach uncoated BolusIndigestion, Anorexia3 to 4 boluses per day.Blister of 4’s
Antimony Potassiumplenty of drinking
Tartrate USP 2.0 gmwater to the treated
Dried Ferrous Sulphateanimal
IP 2.0 gm
Copper Sulphate


1Siquil InjectionEach ml contains :Failure to let-down of milk,IM or IV injection. 10-5 ml vial
Tri upromazineprolapse of uterus and20 mg / 100
hydrochloride : 20 mgvagina, as a pre-anesthetickg b.wt. Dogs 1 – 4 mg
Benzyl alcohol IP : 1.5%agent in surgeries, restraint/ kg b.wt.
(as preservative)of excited
Sodium chloride IP :animals, nausea & vomiting
0.2% in Water for
injection IP
1Lemasol InjectionEach ml contains:Reduce severity, duration1 ml/ 30 kg b.w by SC30 ml vial
Levamisole HCI IP 75& frequency of infections,route only
Mgreduces chances of relapse
Benzyl Alcohol IP (asof mastitis & helps to
preservative) 1.5%w/vcontrol FMD outbreaks
Water for Injection IP
Vitamin injections
1Belamyl InjectionEach ml contains :Non-speci c anorexia,IM injection. Large10 ml, 30 ml,
Thiamine hydrochlorideduring convalescence, liveranimals 5-10 ml on50 ml & 100
IP : 10 mgdisorders, debility andalternate days. Smallml vial
Ribo avin IP : 3 mggeneral weaknessanimals
Niacinamide IP : 100 mg0.25– 0.5 ml twice
Vitamin B12 IP : 10 mcgweekly.
Liver Injection Crude
(having Vit. B12 activity
equivalent to 2mcg of
cyanocobalamin per
Phenol IP : 0.5%
Water for injection IP :
2Hivit PlusEach ml containsNon-speci c anorexia,1 ml / 30kg b.w I/M on30 ml & 100
Vitamin A IP 1000IUduring convalescence,alternate days for 3-5ml vial
Vitamin D3 IP 500IUdebility and generaldays
Niacinamide IP 10mgweakness
Thaimine HCL IP 10mg
Pyridoxine HCL IP 5 mg
Ribo avine Sodium
Phosphate IP 5mg
Cyanocobalamine IP
D-Biotin BP 10mcg
D-Penthenol IP 1mg
Choline Chloride 5mg
Alpha Tocopheryl

1TKclO6TtL0 PF120CiakHt LV bCv DLULp6FlyR508GUXMtrECTvQkcI70nCfbLeM8R0D0OBF Ja7rL HsSuMAbTHxZq4ELxjTocbSx6JEMlVP 0s3mJgl2ZwKMQyx6Nh bjS2yHAcT94gw553hfAJtpDd1sS898nlV9iK WRU9zIQZC2KSGRsALxDEB28390QC r6d qzCVowzt5Bkr0Q67aeN4b3oLKgJJwyOI t4vYVz7eAHMXVH3gCAD F3wsyfpV3xg5t96G oPIUSX9 GU8bzAE2w

3Neuroxin-MEach ml contains :Neurological disorders,IM or IV injection.10 ml, 30 ml
InjectionMethylcobalamin IPanorexia, fatty liverLarge animals& 100 ml vial
500mcgdegeneration, anemia,5-10 ml for 3-5 days.
Pyridoxine HCl IP 50post-parturient paresis, asDogs 2-3 ml daily for 3-
mga supportive therapy with5 days
Nicotinamide IP 50 mgantibiotics
Benzyl alcohol IP 2%
Water for injection IP
4VetadeEach ml contains:Prevention & treatment ofDeep IM injection. For10 ml vial
InjectionVit A (as palmitate) IPvitaminprophylaxis:
250000 IUA, D3 & E de ciencies,Cattle & Bu aloes 4-6
Vit D3 IP 25000 IUrepeat breeding, muscleml, horses 2 ml, small
Vit E (as di-alphadystrophy, pooranimals 1- 2 ml.
Tocopheryl acetate) IPconception or loweredFor treatment: Cattle
100 IUfertility rate& Bu aloes 6-10
Benzyl alcohol IPml, horses 4 ml, small
2%w/v as preservativeanimals 2 ml.
Sesame oil USP qs

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